How it works


We sit down with your team to understand every aspect of your offers, sales process and clients.

Web page

We built a modern, fast and effective website or landing page to showcase your offers (just like this site).


We customise a 4 stage sales process for your company. Then we setup the CRM and all tech required to run sales.


We design and deploy advertisements across FB and Google and we also setup retargeting campaigns.


We use custom outreach to target new accounts, partners, competitors & start driving new leads into the CRM.

Follow up & sales

Our team are not "order takers", we know how to follow up & close. We use a 12month sales & follow up to get sales.

“Konstantinos & closed over $574,305 in sales for us during our first 4 months of working together."

Cody SuttonCEO - Guide energy solutions

Cody Sutton
“Konstantinos & closed $231,000 in sales for us in our first month of working with them.”

Matt MastrangeloCEO M3 GRP

Matt Mastrangelo

How Bad Proposals Cost This Client: $680,000

Do you send proposals that aren’t closing? The solution may be simpler than you think.

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