Your sales call is about to start..
You’ve invested time in researching your prospect and you’re excited to learn more about them to see if you can help.

7 Minutes go by and you realise there’s a problem - you’re on the call, but your prospect isn’t 😕

Your excitement turns into frustration and perhaps a bit of anger.

Everyone has had a prospect not show up,

The question is WHY?

A common reason is that you may be making it impossible for them to join.

Let me explain:

Last week I scheduled a sales call with a company,

Minutes prior I clicked on my calendar to find the link to join the meeting,

There was no link, and no phone number! 😅


I emailed the sales rep - but no response.

💸 A sale was potentially lost because they didn't give me a way to join the call

There is a simple fix to this problem,

We solve it by leveraging

When someone schedules a sales call, they should automatically get a calendar invite that includes a link for them to join the call.

If you haven’t set this up already, it only takes a few minutes and it’s well worth the investment.

❓Have you ever had a prospect not show up to on a sales call?

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